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Originally published: 2013-05-11 15:06:54
Last modified: 2013-05-11 15:07:12

Huskies beat Randleman 2-1

by Steve Behr Sports Editor

WEST JEFFERSON -- Ashe County's girls' soccer team found a way to win without having to use overtime periods in the first round of the state 2-A playoffs.
Just get the ball to Valerie Keys and give her a chance to score a goal.
Keys took a direct kick from Olivia Brettschneider and put it in the Randleman goal, which gave the Huskies a 2-1 victory Thursday in a game that had plenty of pushing and shoving.
"It was a very physical game," Huskies coach Wes Rousseau said. "They were a team that took us out of what we wanted to do with their physicality in a lot of ways. They were making solid contact with players and disrupting our passing lanes."
Ashe (15-3-1) was able to pull away from Randleman's defense on its goal.
"It's always a design to follow the ball into the net," Rousseau said. "We chipped it over the top and we always preach crashing (the goal). We actually put that into practice and we were able to follow up and get a big goal in the end."
The play started off a Randleman foul about 40 yards away from the Tigers' goal. Ashe County, which was heavily marked most of the game, lined up virtually single file horizontally across the field about 15 yards away from the direct kick.
Keys was able to get to the ball once it crossed over the line of players from both teams, but she had to make sure she was onside before she could take a shot.
"I just waited for (Brettschneider) to kick it and I ran and I shot it," Keys said. "I waited to get onside and then I took a touch and finished it."
Her shot from the left side got through the Randleman keeper and into the goal.
"We broke just at the right time," Rousseau said. "(Keys) made contact at the right time with the ball and put it in. It was executed pretty well."
The Huskies never trailed after getting a first-half goal from Becca Bowers when her shot slipped through the Randleman keeper's arms and into the goal. That gave the Huskies a 1-0 lead going into halftime.
Ashe goalkeeper Chrissy Simmons made sure the lead stood by making several saves in the first half. Randleman (11-3-0) scored with 18:20 left in the game after a throw in that landed close to the Ashe goal.
Ashe took on West Stokes in the second round of the tournament Saturday, but the results of the match were not available at presstime.