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Originally published: 2013-06-08 20:22:17
Last modified: 2013-06-08 20:23:02

ETSU coach pick imminent

by Anna Oakes

Johnson City-based East Tennessee State University, once a familiar Appalachian State University foe, is slated to announce its new head football coach sometime this week.

ETSU ended its football program in 2003 but is set to resume the program, in 2015.

A Johnson City Press column June 4 interviewed former ASU coach Jerry Moore about the coaching search, with Moore, 73, saying he's still interested in coaching.

"I'd love to talk to them," Moore was quoted as saying.

"I know the Southern Conference. I've always enjoyed recruiting and still have the energy and zeal to do that," he said.

Moore was released from his longtime coaching position at ASU in December 2012, a decision Moore said caught him by surprise.

The coach led the Mountaineers to three national championships, multiple Southern Conference titles and a historic win over fifth-ranked Michigan in 2007.

Moore told the paper he had spoken with ETSU consultant Phillip Fulmer early in the coaching search process, but hadn't heard anything.

Michael White, a spokesman for ETSU Athletics, said the university expects to announce its coaching decision this week.