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Darcy Grimes. File photo.

Originally published: 2013-01-07 15:52:36
Last modified: 2013-01-07 15:52:36

Watauga teacher to introduce McCrory at ball

Darcy Grimes, a third-grade teacher at Bethel Elementary and North Carolina’s Teacher of the Year, has been selected to introduce Gov. Pat McCrory at his Inaugural Ball on Friday.

Grimes said she was contacted several weeks ago by the Junior League of Raleigh, which hosts the Inaugural Ball, and has been working with the league to craft her speech.

“I’ve actually been very impressed and very excited how much input I do have on it,” she said.

Grimes, who has met McCrory once already at an ASU football game, said it’s her understanding that this will be the first time an educator has introduced the governor at this event.

“I think it says a lot that they want to have a teacher be the one introducing him,” Grimes said.

The festivities begin with the gala presentation at 8 p.m. Friday, which features music from The Avett Brothers and other North Carolina acts, at the Raleigh Convention Center. Grimes will introduce McCrory at the end of the gala, which cues the start of the Inaugural Ball.

The event is expected to be streamed live at