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Originally published: 2014-02-10 13:03:50
Last modified: 2014-02-10 13:07:35

Variance requests and special use permit approved for Zaxby's

by Allison Haver

The Boone Board of Adjustment approved two variance requests and a special use permit for a proposed Zaxby's restaurant on Thursday according to Brenda Henson, administrative support specialist for Boone Planning and Inspections.

The proposed restaurant would be placed at the intersection of State Farm Road and N.C. 105 Extension where Fruits, Veggies and More is currently located.

During the five-hour proceeding, Zaxby's representatives requested variances to reduce spacing requirements in between driveways and reduce the size of the landscape buffer between the proposed restaurant site and surrounding businesses such as State Farm Bureau Insurance.

The application for the special use permit, which was also approved by the board, was projected to address lighting, noise and other factors involved in the parcel falling within a transitional zone, near the Beverly Heights neighborhood. 

According to Henson, due to extensive proceedings' concerning Zaxby's on Thursday, the next item on the board's agenda has been continued until next Thursday.

Stonegate Developers, based out of Cornelius, has requested eight variances for a proposed mixed-used, student-housing project on several parcels of land in between Blowing Rock Road and Faculty Street.

The land includes the Red Carpet Inn, the condemned Scottish Inn and vacant property adjacent to McDonald's.

Requests, according to the board meeting's previous agenda, included variances to increase the maximum building footprint; to reduce the minimum percentage of commercial total gross floor area required; to increase the building height for the single-use multi-family building; to allow encroachments in the floodway zone; to allow temporary and permanent encroachments in the 25-foot buffer zone; to encroach in the secondary height setback; to allow two driveways onto the protected thoroughfare and two allow reduction in spacing between those two driveways.