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Originally published: 2013-11-05 08:11:48
Last modified: 2013-11-05 22:45:00

UPDATE: Personnel issue clouds elections board meeting

by Kellen Short

A "personnel issue" arose Monday at the Board of Elections meeting, eliciting strong words from board member Kathleen Campbell but few details.

During the brief meeting, Elections Director Jane Ann Hodges provided a memo to Campbell and Secretary Bill Aceto written by Chairman Luke Eggers, but the board did not discuss the matter.

Campbell spoke harshly during the meeting against Eggers' action, which she did not specify. Eggers said he would not comment on the matter because it was about personnel.
Neither Hodges nor the board members would provide a copy of the memo Monday.

Hodges said she might consider releasing the information Tuesday after the election day ended. But Tuesday night, Hodges said she had given the matter further consideration and had decided not to release the document from her personnel file to the public.

Hodges said she had consulted with a personal attorney about the issue.

The board unanimously approved a list of precinct officials for polling sites Tuesday, as well as a list of new voter registrations and the Oct. 29 meeting minutes.