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Originally published: 2013-07-19 11:53:05
Last modified: 2013-07-19 12:14:49

Truck wrecks on Wilson Ridge Rd.

A driver of a National Guard truck was unhurt after wrecking in the sharp curve on Wilson Ridge Road on Friday morning.

The truck, which was hauling dirt for a project at the N.C. National Guard Armory in Boone, destroyed the guardrail and stopped on its side across from Ravens Ridge Circle after the 10 a.m wreck.

Driver Fred Thao was not injured, according to the N.C. Highway Patrol and Jason Casteel, the noncommissioned officer in charge who was at the scene.

Casteel said the large trucks would no longer be using Wilson Ridge Road for their work.

Troopers are still investigating the accident and did not immediately have other information available.

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