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Originally published: 2014-04-24 20:24:59
Last modified: 2014-04-24 20:25:44

Town council discusses TDA expenditures

by Allison Haver

The Boone Town Council has compiled a list of possible expenditures for the enhancement of tourism for the Tourism Development Authority to consider at its next meeting.

The council's recommendations will be sent to the TDA for members to review for its May 13 meeting.

"The goal is to justify our one-third share of hotel/motel tax," Town Manager Greg Young said.

"Listening to conversations that the TDA has had, they are looking for expenses that would support tourism," council member Lynne Mason said.

"That's what got this conversation going when they saw certain things on the list last year that was more town related than tourism related," she said.

"I think a slight shift is needed in expenditures toward cultural events and to support the Jones House, such as the mini-concerts held there and other special events to make the House more attractive to community members and visitors to the community. I think snow removal is important but I would like to see a spring festival," council member Rennie Brantz said.

Council priorities for the tourism-supported expenditures included special events, the Jones House maintenance, greenway upkeep and sidewalk construction and other downtown maintenance expenditures.

During Monday's meeting, the council discussed the possibility of talking with the TDA in a formal setting.

The council decided on suggesting June 11 and June 18 to the TDA as meeting dates.
The TDA will meet at 8:30 a.m. on May 13 at the Watauga County Administrative Building, located on 814 W. King St. in Boone.

Thursday's meeting was the second meeting of the new regular council meeting schedule in which the board will meet the third Monday of each month to finalize its agenda for the subsequent Thursday, moving matters for which there is consensus to the consent agenda for swift adoption. Mayor Andy Ball proposed the new schedule last month in an effort to streamline the council's meetings, which have often last several hours and late into the evening.

For more information, call (828) 268-6200 or visit and select "Public Notices" to download a copy of the Boone Town Council's meeting agenda.