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Originally published: 2013-04-08 17:35:56
Last modified: 2013-04-08 17:37:00

Templeton says he may withdraw old WHS offer

Templeton Properties intends to withdraw its $18.9 million offer on the former high school property due to changes in Boone's development regulations, Phil Templeton wrote in an open letter Monday.


Templeton stopped short of actually withdrawing the offer, however, offering a glimmer of hope that the Town Council and Board of Commissioners can come to an agreement.


"It is hoped that civil discourse and cooperation will prevail and that our town and county leaders will work together to abolish the many unreasonable regulations which limit and complicate business activity which is so vital to our community," Templeton wrote. "This will help ensure that, at some point, the former WHS property will sell for the highest possible price and be developed to its highest and best use for the good of all the citizens of Boone and Watauga County."


The letter was sent to Chairman Nathan Miller, Watauga County Manager Deron Geouque and the Boone Town Council.


Meanwhile, Town Manager Greg Young has sent a letter to the county asking whether the two boards could meet April 23, 24 or 25.


Geouque said the county will respond with a request to meet sooner, either this Saturday or Sunday or April 20, he said.


If the county commissioners move to change the sales tax distribution -- cutting Boone's dole by an estimated $2 million -- they would have to do so before the end of April.

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