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Originally published: 2014-03-18 16:53:18
Last modified: 2014-03-18 16:54:03

Structure fire to Cara Lane residence

by Staff Reports


Boone Fire responded to a report of a structure fire on Tuesday morning.

The 9:40 a.m. call was to a residence at 280 Cara Lane, just off of Little Laurel, which is located close to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

There was damage to the home after flammable materials ignited after being too close to a heater in the bathroom.

"The owner pretty much had the fire extinguished by the time we got there," Boone Fire Chief Jimmy Isaacs said.  

Boone Firemen worked to expel the smoke from the structure while Watauga Medics treated the resident for possible injuries sustained in the fighting of the fire. 

Boone Fire estimated damage to the structure at around $10,000 from fire and smoke according to Isaacs.