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Originally published: 2013-05-08 11:29:27
Last modified: 2013-05-08 11:39:14

Revised UDO uses table presented to Boone public

by Anna Oakes

The second of three public workshops on proposed revisions to the Boone Unified Development Ordinance took place Monday, focusing on a new Table of Permissible Uses.

The workshop took place at the Boone Council Chambers, with Boone Town Council members, Planning Commission members and a few Appalachian State University representatives and members of the public in attendance.

The Table of Permissible Uses is a table in the UDO listing all property uses permitted in the town's jurisdiction and the zoning districts in which they are permitted.

"This is the meat that the council had us work on. This was the driver behind everything we have done," said Bill Bailey, Planning & Inspections Department director.

Planning staff have indicated that they hope to increase the number of uses that are permitted by right and decrease the number of uses that require a special use permit, which requires a public hearing and Board of Adjustment approval. 

To do this, staff members have added an "L" symbol to the table, which indicates that uses with this symbol are permitted but with certain limitations. A "P" symbol indicates a use is permitted by right, while an "S" symbol means the use is allowed only with a special use permit.

In addition, a "T" symbol in superscript indicates transitional zone requirements may apply. If a proposed development falls within a transitional zone close to a low-density residential area, the developer must apply for a special use permit or conditional district rezoning and address plans for mitigating potential negative impacts such as noise or lighting.

Staff members have also added many new types of uses to the table -- such as breweries, moped sales and community gardens -- and have suggested changes to some existing uses in zoning districts as well.

Staff have also proposed the creation of two new educational zoning districts: E1, for community colleges, and E2, for the primary and secondary school system. In addition, staff propose changing the M1: Manufacturing district to I1: Industrial.

Staff members have also developed proposed tables for accessory uses, such as outdoor dining and drive-throughs, as well as temporary uses. These tables indicate which accessory and temporary uses are permitted in each zoning district.

The third and final portion of the draft UDO will be reviewed at a workshop on Tuesday, May 7, from 5 to 8 p.m. After the public workshops, staff will incorporate feedback and revise the document prior to a public hearing. The council must vote to adopt the document before it takes effect.

For more information, call (828) 268-6200. 


Kellen Moore contributed reporting to this article.