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Members of the advertising and design staffs for Mountain Times Publications include, from left, Rex Goss, general manager at the Ashe Mountain Times; Rick Tobin, advertising sales; Meleah Petty, creative services; Lisa Randolph, Web sales; Deck Moser, far back, advertising sales; Amanda Swartz, advertising sales; Radd Nesbit, kneeling, All About Women and special publications sales; Charlie Price, advertising director for Mountain Times Publications; Jennifer Canosa, creative services manager; and Sue Moore, classified sales. Not pictured is Mark Mitchell with advertising sales and Sarah Becky Hutchins with creative services. Photo by Jeff Eason

Originally published: 2013-04-03 17:22:27
Last modified: 2013-04-03 17:27:57

Newspaper staff recognized for advertising excellence

The advertising and graphic design staffs of Mountain Times Publications are the proud recipients of 14 awards from the N.C. Press Association for outstanding work in advertising.

Among the highest honors was a "Best in Show" award presented to Jennifer Canosa for Best Color Restaurant/Entertainment Ad.

The winning design, which judges called "a masterpiece," was created for Peabody's Wine & Beer Merchants and appeared in The Mountain Times.

Staff members also won eight other first-place awards, two second-place awards and three third-place awards for their work in The Mountain Times, Watauga Democrat and The Blowing Rocket.

"We would be remiss in announcing these awards if we didn't first acknowledge our advertisers who trust us with their advertising," said Advertising Director Charlie Price. "It's a responsibility that we take very seriously. We know that our stewardship of local businesses' ad budgets will impact many people and contribute to their lives.

"I'm thrilled that our creative staff and our advertising staff accept that responsibility and continue to improve and excel in performance every year," he continued. "We have a bright, resourceful, committed staff and, for that, I am grateful. Winning more and more awards every year is exciting, but the real reward is benefitting our customers, their employees and our local economy."

The Mountain Times and Watauga Democrat competed in Division C, which includes community newspapers with more than 10,000 circulation.

The Blowing Rocket competed in Division A, for community newspapers with less than 3,500 circulation.

The N.C. Press Association awards were announced at a ceremony at UNC-Chapel Hill on March 21.
Staff members also earned the following awards:

The Mountain Times
1st -  Best Restaurant/Entertainment ad - Boone Service League - Meleah Bryan, Mark Mitchell
1st - Best Online Advertising - Appalachian Dental Care- Kelsey Steller, Deck Moser and Lisa Randolph
1st - Best Real Estate Ad in a Niche Publication - Jefferson Landing - Kelsey Steller, Rex Goss
1st - Best Restaurant/Entertainment Ad in a Niche Publication - Appalachian Ski Mountain - Meleah Bryan, Radd Nesbit
2nd - Best Advertising Campaign - Calendar Cuties - Jennifer Canosa
3rd - Best Restaurant/Entertainment Ad in a Niche Publication - Art of Oil & Vidalia - Kelsey Steller, Radd Nesbit

Watauga Democrat
1st - Best Retail Ad in a Niche Publication - Boone Bike & Touring - Kelsey Steller, Deck Moser
2nd - Best Niche Publication - All About Women - March 2012 - staff
3rd - Best Home Furnishings and Appliances Ad - Silverstone Fabrics - Sarah Hutchins, Rex Goss
3rd -  Best Retail Ad in a Niche Publication - Appalachian Hospitality - Jennifer Canosa, Radd Nesbit, Charlie Price

The Blowing Rocket
1st -  Best Color Institutional Ad - Green Park Inn - Kelsey Steller, Mark Mitchell
1st -  Best Use of Color - Summer Times 2012 - Jennifer Canosa
1st - Best Special Section - Blowing Rock: My Hometown - staff

"The 2012 awards reaffirm the high standard of excellence that our staff produces - and will continue to produce - every day," said Mountain Times Publications group Publisher Gene Fowler.