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Originally published: 2012-11-15 18:05:22
Last modified: 2012-11-15 18:05:22

NC to create state-federal health exchange

Gov. Bev Perdue on Thursday declared the state's intent to establish a state-federal partnership exchange to support implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act.

The governor signaled her support of the grant application to begin North Carolina's health care exchange planning process.

"North Carolina is moving forward with implementing a process that provides much needed health insurance for every citizen," said Perdue. "It is critical for our state to participate in decisions that affect our state's citizens. We will not cede total control to the federal government. It remains my goal to pursue a state-based plan."

Thursday was the deadline for states to submit grant applications for two of the three options available: full state control or a state-federal partnership. North Carolina missed the opportunity to set up a state-based exchange by 2014 because the legislature did not act on the issue during the last legislative session.