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Gov.-elect Pat McCrory is sworn in Saturday as North Carolina's 74th governor by Chief Justice Sarah Parker as McCrory's wife Ann, right, looks on in the old Capitol building in Raleigh. McCrory, a Republican and the former mayor of Charlotte, signed his first Executive Order on Monday. AP Photo | Gerry Broome, Pool.

Originally published: 2013-01-07 15:15:44
Last modified: 2013-01-07 15:15:44

McCrory ends Judicial Nominating Commission

Two days after being sworn in as governor, Pat McCrory signed his first executive order on Monday, rescinding a Judicial Nominating Commission his predecessor created.

The order returns to the traditional judge selection process outlined in the N.C. Constitution, which allows the governor to fill vacancies in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals or Superior Courts.

Former Gov. Bev Perdue created the commission in 2011 in an attempt to reduce partisanship in the selection process. When openings arose, the committee was tasked with choosing three nominees from which the governor made a selection.

Perdue quickly drew criticism by appointing several notable Democrats to the 18-member commission.

In December 2012, Perdue suspended the commission to appoint a state Supreme Court justice, saying there wasn’t enough time before the end of her term to follow the commission process.

Still, she encouraged future governors to continue using the commission system for the reasons it was created.

McCrory announced his executive order Monday in his first news conference as governor, where he also outlined several matters he plans to address. He said the state government’s computer networks need immediate attention, and maintenance has slipped at many government-owned buildings.