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Originally published: 2014-03-11 12:47:01
Last modified: 2014-03-11 12:47:46

Linville Gorge climber rescued

by Caroline Harris

A climber was rescued on Monday after a fall in Linville Gorge, according to Burke County communications supervisor Beverly Roland.

Communications received a report at 1:10 p.m. that a male subject of approximately 23 years of age had fallen approximately 20 to 40 feet while rappelling at Shortoff Mountain in Linville Gorge.

Burke County EMS, Burke County Special Operations, Burke County Emergency Management, Burke County REACT, N.C. Helicopter and Aquatic Rescue Team, Burke County Rescue, Lake James Fire Department and Chesterfield Fire Department responded to the scene.

Some rescuers were able to reach the climber, but a helicopter was needed to extract him from the cliffside where he had fallen.

NCHART, a taskforce of N.C. National Guard helicopters, flew a Blackhawk helicopter to the scene and lowered rescuers to the injured climber, according to Roland.

According to Roland, the patient was in the Blackhawk by 5:41 p.m. and was transported from the Blackhawk to a MedCenter Air Helicopter that was in a landing zone nearby. From there, he was transported to a nearby medical center.