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Billy Graham, known as one of the most influential people in America, is pictured during the recent filming of ‘The Cross,’ which will be televised on his birthday, Nov. 7.

Photo courtesy of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Originally published: 2013-11-02 20:28:10
Last modified: 2013-11-04 11:04:50

Graham: There is still hope for America

by Sherrie Norris

"It could be our last chance to see our country turn back to God," said Billy Graham in a statement released earlier this year in reference to the upcoming evangelistic campaign that's set to sweep the nation this month.

"My Hope America, with Billy Graham" is crucial, Graham said. "The hour is late and the need is urgent. The eternal destiny of many souls -- and the future of our great nation -- is at stake. Pray that we will turn from our wicked ways and that God will heal our land."

On behalf of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, spokesperson Jeremy Blume said earlier this week in a press release that "My Hope America" is the largest evangelism effort across the United States in the history of the organization.

Momentum is building, Blume said, as the project nears culmination. "Some 24,000 churches have signed on to participate in the project, which is expected to result in thousands of individuals opening their homes and reaching out in their communities," he said.

It is the hope of BGEA that through the outreach, that countless lives will be changed as the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is shared.

"During my lifetime, I had the privilege of seeing God move across America in powerful ways, yet we have seen our nation steadily sliding into moral and spiritual ruin," wrote Graham. "As I approach my 95th birthday I believe that unless God sends a sweeping revival, America as we have known it -- a nation rooted in biblical values -- will be a thing of the past."

According to Graham, about 60 percent of Americans do not attend church regularly. "Among young people in our churches, half think that many religions can lead to eternal life. Since 1990, the number of people who specifically identify themselves as atheists or agnostics has more than tripled."

Graham implores Christian families, through this campaign, to "reach out to your unsaved neighbors and loved ones with our only true hope: the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Project organizers at the BGEA indicate that "My Hope America with Billy Graham" is as simple as (participating) friends sharing Jesus with friends through four basic steps:

Invite your friends and neighbors who don't know Jesus Christ to your home for a meal or dessert -- or gather them at your church or favorite hangout.

Watch one of several new evangelistic programs featuring life-changing testimonies and powerful messages from Billy Graham.

Share, briefly, how Jesus gave you help and tell what He is doing in our life today.

Ask your friends if they would like to make the same decision you did to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and pray with them.

Graham likens those who have agreed to participate in the outreach -- and who will open up their homes to people for whom they have been praying -- to the apostle Matthew who invited people into his home to meet Jesus, as recorded in scripture, (Matthew 9:9-10.)

At the home gatherings, the hosts will show one of the "My Hope" evangelistic programs and share their personal stories of coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

"If ever there was a time this country needed the intervention of God, it is now," wrote Graham in a recent letter to supporters. "We can and should pray for America as a whole, but remember that when God sets out to change a nation, He begins by changing people. It starts with individuals. The more I pray, the more deeply I feel that 'My Hope America' is the right outreach for this country today."

In conjunction with "My Hope America," Graham recently completed recording his personal message to the nation in a program called "The Cross," which will be televised during the first week of November. It will air on Fox News Channel at 10 p.m. Eastern on Nov. 7, which is also Graham's birthday.

In addition to Graham's message, the program features the faith stories of rapper Lecrae and former lead singer of Flyleaf, Lacey Sturm.

On Oct. 15, Thomas Nelson Publishers released "The Reason for My Hope: Salvation," the latest book by Billy Graham. As Graham's 32nd book, it presents the core message that has guided his life and calling for more than 70 years. In conjunction, Capitol Christian Music Group will release a new music album on the same date, entitled "My Hope: Songs Inspired by the Message and Mission of Billy Graham," executive-produced by Michael W. Smith and featuring some of the most popular artists in Christian music.

For more information about "My Hope America with Billy Graham," including how it works and how to be involved, visit