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Originally published: 2013-02-14 14:23:33
Last modified: 2013-02-14 14:28:38

County chair pens letter on multi-family proposal

by Staff Reports

Watauga County Board of Commissioners Chairman Nathan Miller on Thursday sent a letter to Boone Mayor Loretta Clawson and members of the Boone Town Council asking them to carefully consider a number of factors before the possible adoption of new standards for multi-family housing developments.

"It is the county's belief the proposed amendment, as currently written, does not accomplish the goal of the town to create affordable housing," Miller wrote. "The town has the ability to utilize incentives to promote affordable housing. The county encourages the town to seek input not only from the Affordable Housing Task Force but the town's Planning Board and staff, the county's Community Housing Trust, property owners and builders on suggestions and solutions to the affordable housing issue."

To read the letter in full, click on the link "Read Miller's Letter" to download and view the file. To find out more about the proposed standards, see our related stories.