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Originally published: 2013-01-14 09:32:38
Last modified: 2013-01-14 09:32:38

Council to consider changes to booting regulations

by Anna Oakes

Amendments to the town's vehicle booting regulations are on the agenda at next week's Boone Town Council meeting.

Under the proposed changes, warning signs must be posted within 10 feet of every entrance to a parking lot in which unauthorized vehicles may be booted, and signs must also be posted at every parking space. In addition, signs posted at entrances would be required to list each business establishment for which parking is authorized.

The proposed amendments also require a parking lot attendant to remain on the premises after a vehicle is booted and to clearly display identification on his or her person. In addition, if the parking attendant is to wait inside of a vehicle, the vehicle must display signage identifying the towing company or a flashing light.

The council directed the town attorney and staff to propose changes to the town's booting regulations at the December council meeting. Council members said they had received a number of complaints related to towing and booting in the past couple of months.

The council will also discuss the format and schedule of meetings on the revised Table of Permissible Uses.