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Originally published: 2013-02-19 21:12:49
Last modified: 2013-02-19 21:12:49

Council approves booting revisions

by Anna Oakes

The Boone Town Council approved a slate of revisions to its vehicle booting regulations at is regular monthly meeting Tuesday.

Council members made a few changes to town code language considered at the January council meeting and suggested new amendments to the town’s sign ordinance.

In December, the council directed the town attorney and staff to propose changes to the town’s regulations after receiving several complaints related to towing and booting.

Under the revisions, a booting company attendant must respond to a call from someone whose car has been booted within 15 minutes. If the town receives three or more complaints within a three-month period that the company has not responded within 15 minutes, the attendant booting a vehicle must remain on the property until the vehicle owner returns.

The attendant must clearly display identification on his or her person. In addition, if the parking attendant is to wait inside of a vehicle, the vehicle must display signage identifying the towing company or display a flashing light.

Warning signs must be posted within 10 feet of every entrance to a parking lot in which unauthorized vehicles may be booted. Signs posted at entrances must be the maximum size allowed for directional signs in the applicable zoning district. If confusion might arise as to which premises are served by the parking lot, or for lots in the primary fire district, signs must list each business establishment for which parking is authorized.

The council also added a provision banning the applications of more than one boot per vehicle.

The council also directed town attorney Sam Furgiuele to work with the Planning & Inspections Department to draft related changes to sections of the sign ordinance in the Unified Development Ordinance.

Under these changes, additional warning signs would be required for large parking lots, and signs would be color-coded: red text for private lots and green text for public parking lots.
In other discussion, the council was slated to take action on proposed standards for multi-family development, but had not yet reached a decision as of presstime.