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The Cottages of Boone, as shown in a June 19 photo, will offer cottage and duplex-style living geared toward students. Photo courtesy of The Cottages of Boone

Originally published: 2013-07-30 18:34:56
Last modified: 2013-07-30 18:37:02

Cottages of Boone deals with delays

The Cottages of Boone student housing community has experienced construction delays that will require about 360 tenants to live temporarily in Boone hotels until the work is complete.

Future tenants said they were contacted last week with the news that not all of the buildings would be ready for occupancy by the Aug. 15 move-in date. One told the Watauga Democrat he had been offered a hotel room for anywhere from four weeks to three months.

Representatives of the Cottages had not yet responded to questions as of presstime Tuesday.
The Democrat will print any responses in a future update.

Jen Wilson, vice president of marketing and leasing for Capstone Collegiate Communities, said in late June that rainy weather had delayed the project and that a lodge building housing about 40 people would not be completed.

Joe Furman, Watauga County Planning and Inspections director, said he had been told the community was hoping to have 67 units ready for occupancy on Aug. 15.

The Watauga County Planning Board on July 15 gave final plat approval for the project with some contingencies and accepted a $1.2 million check as a performance guaranty to ensure the road paving would be completed.

Furman said the community has received approvals for water and sewer - "two big hurdles" - but simply hasn't been able to finish all the units.

When completed, the community will offer three- and five-bedroom cottages and duplexes along with more traditional lodge apartments housing up to 894 residents. The upscale community also will include a clubhouse, pool, gym, sauna and study rooms.

The site is located off Poplar Grove Road South and offers views of Grandfather Mountain from some of its buildings.

"Getting the buildings ready for their final inspections and getting certificates of occupancy and getting the power there, that just takes time, and they weren't able to do it for all of the buildings at this point," Furman said.