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Originally published: 2013-04-25 15:30:41
Last modified: 2013-04-25 15:39:05

Chamber seeks end to town-county fight

The Boone Area Chamber of Commerce has urged the town and county to work out a compromise on their current conflict for the sake of local businesses in a letter released Thursday.


The letter, signed by Susan Jones, Daniel Minton and Dan Meyer, says local businesses are "extremely concerned" about the conflict and urges the boards to seek resolution.


The chamber noted in a letter to member businesses that its business development committee and board of directors had asked that the letter be sent. At a retreat in July 2012, the board set a goal to be more vocal in advocating on behalf of businesses and the community, Chamber representatives noted.


"Conflicts typically end in a win/lose outcome, but we cannot afford that result!" the letter reads. "We all practice moderation and work out compromises in our work and daily lives. Your Boone/Watauga County businesses need a win-win! Any other outcome will simply extend dissention into the future."


The letter goes on to note that local businesses are continuing to recover from a severe recession and said the back-and-forth attacks are "demoralizing."


"This rhetoric has turned from 'principle' to 'political' to 'personal' -- this cannot continue without irreparable damage being done," the letter states.


The letter, sent to both boards, County Manager Deron Geouque, Town Manager Greg Young and local media outlets, urges the boards to sit down together and create a resolution.


"We are not asking for a particular course of action, but as our elected representatives, we ask you to focus on community betterment -- what is good for all," the letter states. "Lead us into a prosperous future."