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Originally published: 2012-11-16 13:04:01
Last modified: 2012-11-16 16:31:34

Canvass completes election season

The Board of Elections held its official canvass Friday morning, approving 51 provisional ballots and denying 275 before computing the final Watauga County results.

Elections staff researched each provisional ballot to determine whether the person was registered and eligible to vote, then made a recommendation on each for the board's approval.

Many of those who voted a provisional ballot that was not approved were registered somewhere in North Carolina but not in Watauga County, said Board of Elections Chairwoman Stella Anderson.

The final tallies offered no surprises, and all candidates who won seats according to unofficial tallies on Election Day remained the winners.

The biggest unknown was the vote for Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor, which had a write-in space but no candidates on the ballot.

After removing frivolous write-ins such as superheroes and Mickey Mouse, about 750 unique names were left.

"This has been a real challenge just to find out who the winner was," Board of Elections Director Jane Hodges said.

The seat went to Chris Stevens, an Appalachian State University senior who received 179 votes and said he would accept the position.

"It was an opportunity to become a community leader," he said of his reasons for running.

Other write-ins included Ethan Critcher (50 votes), Andy Krause (43 votes), Tracy Taylor (37 votes) and Alan Teitleman (36 votes).

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