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From left, Watauga County Board of Elections chairman Luke Eggers, board member Kathleen Campbell and board secretary Bill Aceto prepare for the second primary election day on Tuesday.

Photo by Allison Haver

Originally published: 2014-07-15 22:43:39
Last modified: 2014-07-15 22:43:50

Brannon takes second primary

by Allison Haver

Joshua Brannon of Vilas in Watauga County successfully secured the U.S. House of Representatives District 5 Democrat seat with strong support in seven out of the 12 counties in the district, according to unofficial primary election results from Tuesday.

Brannon will now face Republican incumbent Virginia Foxx in the Fifth District Congressional race in November.

"I am just glad that people have been receptive to my message," Brannon said.

Moving forward to prepare for the General Election in November, Brannon said he is going to continue to campaign and spread his message.  

"We are just going to be working to get the message out," he said. "People have been very receptive and I could not be happier because I'm so afraid we are losing our democracy," he said.

Results announced on election night are unofficial; the election results will not be official until the canvass is held on Tuesday, July 22.

According to unofficial State Board of Elections results, Brannon secured 2,746 votes, or 65.63 percent of the district that includes Alexander, Alleghany, Ashe, Catawba, Davidson, Davie, Forsyth, Iredell, Rowan, Watauga, Wilkes, and Yadkin counties.

Brannon is a software developer who said he will fight for the rights of people over corporations, for equal representation in government and for education.

Brannon faced fellow Democrat Gardenia Henley of Winston-Salem for the congressional seat.

Henley is a U.S. Air Force veteran and retired U.S. diplomat inspector general auditor in charge from Winston-Salem. Henley's highlighted platform tenets include ethical, transparent and unbiased representation; responsible use of tax dollars; and economic development and redevelopment.
One-stop early voting begins for General Election on Thursday, Oct. 23, and ends on Saturday, Nov. 1.

General Election Day will be held on Tuesday,
Nov. 4, with the polls open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

For more information, call (828) 265-8061.

Unofficial votes by County:
Alexander -     Joshua Brannon: 122 / Gardenia Henley: 42
Alleghany -     Joshua Brannon: 77 / Gardenia Henley: 22
Ashe -         Joshua Brannon 137 / Gardenia Henley: 34
Catawba -     Joshua Brannon: 50 / Gardenia Henley: 177
Davidson -     Joshua Brannon: 56 / Gardenia Henley: 30
Davie -     Joshua Brannon: 81 / Gardenia Henley: 95
Forsyth -     Joshua Brannon: 1,452 / Gardenia Henley: 569
Iredell -     Joshua Brannon: 115 / Gardenia Henley: 153
Rowan -     Joshua Brannon: 47 / Gardenia Henley: 102
Watauga -     Joshua Brannon: 417 / Gardenia Henley 55
Wilkes -     Joshua Brannon: 202 / Gardenia Henley: 57
Yadkin -     Joshua Brannon: 70 / Gardenia Henley: 22