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Originally published: 2014-06-07 16:10:43
Last modified: 2014-06-07 16:11:41

Boone Leaders talk ETJ, business tax in Raleigh

by Anna Oakes

Boone Mayor Andy Ball and Boone Town Council members Quint David and Lynne Mason traveled to Raleigh last week to speak with state legislators as part of Town Hall Day.

Sponsored by the League of Municipalities, the June 4 Town Hall Day was a lobbying day for officials of the state's towns and cities.

Ball, a Democrat, said Boone leaders met with Sen. Dan Soucek of Boone and Rep. Jonathan Jordan of Jefferson, both Republicans.

"We very much appreciated the time Sen. Soucek and Rep. Jordan took to meet with us on issues important to Boone residents," Ball said.
The town leaders spoke to Soucek in particular about his Senate Bill 865, which would eliminate the town of Boone's extraterritorial jurisdiction.
An ETJ is a defined area in the county outside of city limits that is subject to a city's zoning regulations, including the type, density and location of land uses.

Ball said Boone officials conveyed concerns that the bill would eliminate needed property protections for neighborhood residents who "continue to have issues with commercial uses nearby."

The mayor said the council would this month discuss "what, if any" modifications they are willing to make for the ETJ and that Soucek did not agree to make any modifications to his bill at the meeting.

"We did not find a solution in the meeting, yet we did agree to continue discussion during this legislative session," said Ball.

Soucek did not respond to calls and emails seeking comment.

Ball said Boone leaders also discussed the Legislature's proposal to cap or eliminate the business privilege tax, which would cut $50,000 in annual Boone revenue, as well as growing capital needs, downtown Boone and Daniel Boone Park and "Horn in the West."