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Originally published: 2013-07-18 17:42:47
Last modified: 2013-07-18 17:43:31

Blowing Rock mayoral race gets competitive

Blowing Rock Town Council member Dan Phillips filed Thursday with the Board of Elections to challenge incumbent Mayor J.B. Lawrence, who has led the town since 1997.

Phillips, who was first elected to the council in 2011, has two years still remaining in his council term.

If he were elected mayor, the Blowing Rock Town Council would have to select someone to finish his term after the election.

Lawrence also was challenged during the last election by a sitting council member, Tommy Klutz. Because he was unsuccessful, Klutz retained his position on the Town Council and has filed for re-election to the council this year.

Newcomer Laurin Carter also filed Thursday for election to the Blowing Rock Town Council, the fifth candidate to do so. Only three seats will be open this election.

Other candidates for Blowing Rock Town Council include Doug Matheson, Ray Pickett and Sue Sweeting.

Beech Mountain Town Council member Cindy Keller also filed Thursday for re-election, creating a competitive race in that town as well. She is the fourth candidate to file, following Eddie Plante, Paul Piquet and Rick Miller. Only three seats are available.

The Beech Mountain mayor will be selected from within the council after the election.

The races for Boone mayor, Boone Town Council and Seven Devils Town Council remain uncompetitive, with equal numbers of candidates and open seats.

The filing window ends at noon Friday.



Town of Boone

Andy Ball -- mayor

Rennie Brantz - Town Council

Frank (Quint) David - Town Council

Jennifer Pena - Town Council


Town of Blowing Rock

J.B. Lawrence - mayor

Dan Phillips - mayor

Laurin Carter - Town Council

Tommy Klutz - Town Council

Doug Matheson - Town Council

Ray Pickett - Town Council

Sue Sweeting - Town Council


Town of Seven Devils

David Hooper - Town Council

Kay Ehlinger - Town Council

David Ehmig - Town Council


Town of Beech Mountain

Cindy Keller - Town Council

Rick Miller - Town Council

Paul Piquet - Town Council

Edward (Eddie) Plante - Town Council