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Avery Sheriff Kevin Frye, left, is sworn in as president of the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association
by Associate Justice Paul M. Newby of the Supreme Court of North Carolina, as Frye’s children,
Jared and Caitlyn, and his wife, Cheri, look on.
Photo courtesy Rebecca Warner

Originally published: 2013-08-08 14:06:40
Last modified: 2013-08-08 14:06:40

Avery sheriff sworn in as president of NC Sheriff's Association

by Rebecca Jilton Warner

Avery County Sheriff Kevin Frye took his oath as president of the North Carolina Sheriffs' Association at the 91st annual Training Conference Banquet, held at the Hilton Wilmington Riverside in Wilmington on July 30.

More than 300 guests, including active and retired sheriffs and their spouses, and Frye's family, co-workers and friends, including Avery County Commissioner Glenn Johnson and his wife, Deliah, attended the event.

Special guests present on behalf of Frye included Rep. Mark Meadows (District 11), Associate Justice Paul M. Newby of the Supreme Court of North Carolina and W. David Guice, commissioner of the N.C. Division of Adult Correction.

Frye was elected by the member sheriffs and assumed the office after serving as first vice president during the 2012-13 fiscal year. 

He is the first Western North Carolina sheriff to receive the honor of being president of the North Carolina Sheriffs' Association since 2004, when the sheriff of Wilkes County held the office.

Meadows, a personal friend of Frye, was the featured speaker. 

"Kevin loves his community. As you and I know, there is not a single day when there is not something that someone will complain about. But the Avery County sheriff knows his neighbors, calls each family and is always looking out for his people. As a result, he is respected and trusted within his community," Meadows said.

He added that he wished cooperation in Congress had as fine a record of cooperation as that which exists within the North Carolina Sheriffs' Association, with the comment earning an appreciative laugh from the audience.

Newby then swore in Frye as incoming president. The Bible used for the occasion was the one Frye received when he became a deacon at Crossnore First Baptist Church. 

He presented Newby with an engraved clock to commemorate the occasion.

In his opening remarks, Frye thanked outgoing President Tony Perry, and then thanked his wife, Cheri, and his children, Jared and Caitlyn, for their loving support. 

He expressed his appreciation for the numerous others there on his behalf, including co-workers, family members, friends and esteemed guests Meadows, Newby and Guice. 

Frye recalled that his grandfather, who was friends with the sheriff, "would take me up to the sheriff's office and sometimes I would even ride around with them in the sheriff's car. A 6-year-old with dreams, dreams which would eventually become reality. No one can tell me this is not the greatest country on the face of the earth, a place where dreams really do come true." 

In expressing his appreciation for the member sheriffs' faith in electing him, he said, "As my service as president begins, I have to say I am humbled, honored, excited and a bit nervous. Can a small county, rural, mountain sheriff be the leader of some of the most distinguished sheriffs in the history of North Carolina? The simple answer I came to was no. But can a small county, rural, mountain sheriff serve such a distinguished group with humility, integrity and honor? And the answer is yes."