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Originally published: 2013-12-12 15:53:48
Last modified: 2013-12-12 15:53:48

AppalCART reports record ridership

AppalCART, the local public transportation authority, reported a systemwide ridership of 191,849 passenger trips for November 2013, which set a record for the month of November.

The previous record of 186,406 had been set in November 2012. The authority's ridership increased 3 percent, while miles of service increased by 1.6 percent, and hours of service remained the same.

One contributing factor for the increase was the addition of the Teal Route in 2013, which serves locations between the Cottages of Boone apartment complex off Poplar Grove Road and Appalachian State University. The Teal Route had 9,901 passenger trips recorded for the month.

The bus service in the Boone area accounted for 188,345 trips in 58,422 miles for November 2013. 

AppalCART experienced an increase of 3 percent in ridership on its paratransit routes, which provide door-to-door transportation for people with disabilities that prevent them from riding the bus service. 

The total number of paratransit trips increased from 939 in November 2012 to 974 this November.For more information on AppalCART and its route schedules, visit or call the dispatch office at (828) 264-2278.