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Professor Jammie Price, left, presents a petition Wednesday asking for her reinstatement to Tony Carey, right, vice provost for faculty affairs, as Mike Mayfield, center, interim vice provost, looks on.

Originally published: 2012-04-25 12:15:17
Last modified: 2012-04-25 12:21:59

ASU professor presents 364-signature petition

ASU professor Jammie Price presented a petition Wednesday morning to university administrators, asking for her immediate reinstatement while an investigation continues into several student complaints about her teaching methods.

Price, a tenured professor in sociology who has worked at ASU for eight years, was placed on administrative leave with pay effective March 16 after four students in an introductory sociology course complained that she had engaged in "inappropriate speech and conduct in the classroom," according to a letter signed by Tony Carey, vice provost for faculty affairs.

Among the complaints against Price are that she made disparaging remarks about student athletes, repeatedly criticized the ASU administration, discussed personal material not on the syllabus and showed the pornography-related documentary "The Price of Pleasure" without warning students about potentially objectionable content in the film.

Price maintains that each of her class discussions has been relevant to the study of sociology and that ASU is violating her academic freedom.

She said she also believes the university is denying her the benefit of a Faculty Due Process hearing and is targeting her due to her outspoken critique of certain facets of the university.

A fuller story about the matter was printed today in the Watauga Democrat following national coverage of the situation.

Price, joined by several professors and media, walked across campus Wednesday morning to hand the petition with 364 signatures to Carey at his office in B.B. Dougherty Hall. He was joined by interim vice provost Mike Mayfield.

Neither commented on the matter after Price presented the document.

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