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Originally published: 2014-01-06 13:16:20
Last modified: 2014-01-06 13:17:05

Wrong book for our students

As a retired educator of 31 years, I can't tell you how disappointed I am about the decision made by the committee at Watauga High School to continue using the book, "The House of Spirits." 

As an avid reader, Thomas Jefferson must be turning over in his grave. With so many wonderful books available, I am pondering why this book was chosen. What is it hoping to teach our students? How to be violent? How to rape? What in the world could be the reasons for choosing this book of indecency, crudeness, violence, sex, murder, etc.? How can the school system and teachers justify using this type of book? The use of this book is certainly very questionable in my mind.

"The mission of Watauga High School is to provide an environment in which students, school, home and community can work together to develop lifelong learners who value themselves and others, contribute to their community and live responsibly in a changing world."

There is nothing about this book that teaches students to value themselves or others. In a country with students killing each other, and teachers (two recently), it won't be long until Watauga County is in the national news from the effects of using this type of literature in the classroom.

If our mission is to develop students who care, and contribute to society and live responsibly in a changing world, "The House of Spirits" is not conducive to this goal and is, in fact, filling the minds our young people with values that do the opposite of building up life. 

This book needs to be removed from the Watauga County school system's reading list. This book is not the right choice for growing Watauga County students into contributing members of society.

Barbara H. HunsuckerBoone