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Originally published: 2012-10-29 12:07:23
Last modified: 2012-10-29 12:07:23

Tailgaters lack basic resources

I'd like to put forth a proposition to the Boone town leadership concerning tailgating during ASU home games. As I see  parking lots in town charging as much as $25 per spot on game day, and as I see folks partaking in the usual tailgating activities, such as grilling and picnics, drinking  beer and soft drinks, and playing games, I wonder: Where are these people relieving themselves? Where are they depositing their trash and hot coals? But, it does not take too long before one sees some guy sneak into another parking lot, or slipping out from behind a neighbor's yard or business's dumpster. I don't protest these actions. For what else are they supposed to do?  The parking attendants offer no trash or port-a-potty facilities, and as I doubt they pay the town any tax from these cash-cow days, certainly the small expense of basic sanitation isn't too much to ask. Right? I find it a case where no-regulation/self-regulation just isn't working.  Maybe it's high time the town required tailgate parking to offer dumpster (recycling would be nice) and bathrooms.

Stephen Sinanian