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Originally published: 2013-07-15 11:48:52
Last modified: 2013-07-15 11:49:36

Social services a lifeline

During the past year, social workers have faced tremendous budget cuts affecting social welfare programs. 

Elected officials have determined that by cutting billions from social services, they will be able to boost the economy and balance the federal budget. These deep cuts have caused serious issues with people throughout the states.  

The federal government also cut nearly $56 billion dollars from mental health and substance abuse services. Social services are being forced to close public transportation authorities, cut back on senior citizen delivered meals and limit the amount of public assistance they can do in order to comply with these budget cuts. This is a huge issue because the less money that social services gets means the less Americans that social services can help. This in turn allows many more Americans to fall further below the poverty line.  

Millions of Americans were left suffering after the fall of the economy. Social services were than able to step in and assist Americans with getting back on their feet and getting their families in order. Budget cuts have affected the community as a whole, lowering the standard of living for all citizens. Now, nothing can be done to undo the budget cuts, and social services must deal with the huge hit they have taken. 

Some steps to take in order to do this would be ensuring an even and balanced budget in each county's social services department. Communities need to come together and help one another, stand up for those around you, be a light in this dark world. I urge the public to do their part and take care of their families and help the ones in need around them. 

Social services need to stretch the small budget they have as far as they can, and the best way to do that is to only help those in need, the ones who need it most.

Alyssa JohnsonBlowing Rock