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Originally published: 2013-04-15 20:07:55
Last modified: 2013-04-15 20:07:54

Shortfall wouldn't be fair

I live in Blowing Rock and would likely benefit from a proposed change in taxation. 

I'm troubled by the redistribution of wealth from the wage-earning citizens of Watauga County, Boone and students who attend Appalachian State University. They pay state sales tax and have that money redistributed along lines of wealth, with the towns having the largest homes and property values receiving state sales tax based on wealth rather than needs of the population of citizens receiving services. 

Beech Mountain has 350 residents, Blowing Rock has 1,192 residents, Seven Devils has 193 residents and Boone, on the other hand, has 17,751 residents. I'm sure Blowing Rock and Beech Mountain collect state sales tax disproportionate to their populations and maybe that should be considered, but this sounds more like petty revenge because Boone acted independent of Republican-controlled Watauga County government. 

Some conservative commenters have even said something to the effect of next time Boone residents will think more about who they vote for if we punish them. Blowing Rock commissioners should have passed on participating in this pettiness and power grab by the GOP Watauga County commissioners.Blowing Rock's, Beech Mountain's  and Seven Devils' independence for decision making could be next. I'm disappointed in the Blowing Rock commissioners' short-term thinking. It is not fair to those who pay sales tax to have it redistributed to the communities  with the most wealth and property values, and Boone falls short providing service for all of Watauga County, plus its own 17,751 residents.

Lonnie WebsterBlowing Rock