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Originally published: 2013-07-18 12:48:31
Last modified: 2013-07-18 12:49:15

Service requires multiple-county investment

Improved Hospitality House facilities were greatly needed, and therefore, a fund drive with the majority of the private donations coming from Watauga County.  

However, the total amount of the drive goal did not include an endowment percentage so that money would be available in tough times.  

Now, because of lack of support from Watauga County and the Boone Town Council, and slow federal funds, they are having to cut back on 10 overflow beds and comprehensive services.  

The board and staff brag on the fact they provide services from seven surrounding counties. Yet, the governments of these counties do not supply any funding to Hospitality House. How nice they do not need to provide their own facilities to meet the needs of their communities -- just send them here.  

Something is wrong with this picture, since the majority of the private funding pledges and contributions came initially from the citizens of Watauga because they recognized a need and were willing to meet it.

I feel we need to spread the word to these counties that we plan to take care of our community needs first and will not service the needs of their communities until they start contributing to the bottom line.  Yes, this is tough love, but sometimes we need tough love to make a point.

Sara Charles StevensBoone