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Originally published: 2014-05-05 11:35:48
Last modified: 2014-05-05 11:36:33

New day dawning

The death knell for Amendment One, and the legal right to same-sex marriage in the state and across the nation, is much closer at hand. Can't you feel and hear the growing excitement? I was especially proud of my church (United Church of Christ) for filing the lawsuit in the state this past week on behalf of the constitutional rights of our fellow citizens. 

Certain responsible individuals, including representatives of the Jewish and Baptist faiths, and couples awaiting marriage, joined in the suit.

However, it's always unfortunate when our legal system is given the task by default in doing the work of the church as it had to do in civil and women's rights. Now, the freedom of marriage for all couples is being addressed by judges and courts all around the country. A next positive decision by the supreme court is predictable.

One can only hope that religious bodies won't continue to deny reality, misinterpret religious writings and institutionalize intolerance in important challenges of this kind. 

Our gay friends and neighbors were hoping the church would represent their interests and address their pain long before now. The great tragedy is that far too many of these neighbors and citizens have died before experiencing what it means to enjoy their God-given and constitutional rights. 

Now, the many who are still living eagerly await their blessed freedoms of "real life, full liberty, and the pursuit of marital happiness." Please remember them, our religious institutions, and the courts, as this bright and new day is dawning.

Bill RogersBoone