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Originally published: 2014-04-10 13:57:50
Last modified: 2014-04-10 13:58:35

Money wrong motivation

I love Appalachian State University football as much as anyone. What I think is very sad and somewhat distasteful is that Chancellor Ken Peacock and Director of Athletics Charlie Cobb have sold ASU's reputation to Michigan for purely money to go towards exiting the Southern Conference and joining the Sun Belt Conference.  

Peacock made no bones about his primary goal of taking ASU to a higher level athletic conference from the day he became chancellor. It was only after he accomplished his goal that he and Cobb began to whine and cry about the money part of it. 

Now, they have sold the ASU football reputation for $1 million. 

We do not have the caliber of players we had in beating Michigan, previously. And they have a much better team than they did in the previous game. The legacy of Cobb and Peacock, even when they leave ASU, will be how they ruined ASU athletics.

When the shine wears off going to the Sun Belt Conference and ASU has two or three years in a row of losing teams, the ticket sales will go down and the financial support will wane.  

When you live by and for money, you will die by and because of it.

Diana WardBoone