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Originally published: 2012-11-26 13:15:38
Last modified: 2012-11-26 13:15:38

Hero's tribute due

Pictures do not do a forest fire justice ("150-acre fire started by campers," Nov. 14). 

You really have to see the entire scope of it to see all the damage. I believe there were about eight fire departments battling that fire. As I spoke with a reporter by telephone, I said my husband had planned a "surprise" birthday gathering for me on that day. When my family came from one to two hours away, my husband Jon knew he would have to tell the firefighters they were coming, so they could get into my road. 

They were so nice to allow my family in for my birthday. I can see my son there now saying, "I've got to get to my mom's house, I've got the cake."

My neighbors and family were gathered at my home, while a helicopter was flying over with the water bucket for the fire. Everyone was a little "nervous" because we knew that just five minutes away there was a war going on. 

This is one birthday I shall never forget. The firefighters allowed my family to leave when it was time for them to go, although the fire was still raging. It was getting hard to contain the fire, and we were all concerned that we would be asked to leave our homes.

We neighbors on Penley Road cannot thank those firefighters enough. They worked all day on Saturday, Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night. I hope that one day a national day of observance will be granted to honor those men and women who forget their own lives and come to the aid of others. They deserve all the respect and thank yous we can give them. 

If fire departments are managed with donations alone, we need to reach into our wallets and give what we can.

God's blessings to all of you,

Jon and Kay SigmonBlowing Rock