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Originally published: 2013-08-05 11:53:51
Last modified: 2013-08-05 11:54:35

CDC a community gift

I feel compelled to communicate for those living in the High Country what a fabulous program Appalachian State University offers at the Communications Disorder Clinic. In our family's move to North Carolina, it was a tremendous concern that our preschool children (who were both nonverbal) could access appropriate therapy. The discovery of CDC surpassed our previous experiences and exceeded the hopes of what would be found in Boone.

With the professional leadership of Sherry Street-Tobin and Sheila Temple, ASU graduate students pursuing a master's degree in speech pathology are each assigned a child attending the center. This makes the adult-child ratio unmatched by any other program. Through the warm play environment alongside peers experiencing delays due to autism, apraxia, hearing loss, trauma, etc., parents can observe their children making progress and see them building friendships in a "safe place." 

There is also the gross motor room and outdoor playground. Clinicians have ample opportunities to challenge children in whatever their areas of deficit are. As budget concerns hit all of our educational programs, the Speech Disorder Clinic must be protected. They serve some of our most vulnerable children, who, without this option, would most likely have to travel hours to major cities or relocate entirely.

My two boys received such fabulous help that testing now shows no need for speech intervention. But I cherish the care, concern and love they received while in the program and recommend it to anyone with children struggling with receptive or expressive language.  

The Communications Disorder Clinic is a gift to our community.

Mara SwansonBoone