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Originally published: 2013-08-23 11:16:08
Last modified: 2013-08-23 11:16:52

Booking a summer of reading

It takes a community to raise a reader, and, thankfully, our community values our youthful readers. This summer, during the months of June and July at the Watauga County Public Library, more than 20,500 juvenile books were checked out, increasing almost 10 percent from pervious summers.
 Perhaps it was the rainy summer, our natural environment encouraging us to nestle in a cozy nook and read, while the clouds darkened and the raindrops fell or perhaps it was the wealth of wonderful literature that inspired us to read just a little bit more during the summer, but whatever the magic was our summer at the library was a busy one.

Programming in libraries is sometimes considered the "back door into learning." Library programs present small glimpses and opportunities into the world to learn new treasures, from mad science to magic to reptiles and worms, these programs are free, but, "shhh," don't forget, we often do not like to hear this word, but our taxes finance the library and the dear Friends of the Watauga County Library provide the funds to offer programs to our community.  

And so it is with great gratitude that I thank our Friends group for its support, without them our summer reading program would not be possible. A heartfelt thanks is extended to our youth service team, who work so tirelessly for our mission -- to promote the power of knowledge, the joy of reading, the spirit of imagination and to encourage lifelong learning.  

It is also with gratitude that I thank our wonderful volunteers, both young and old, who have helped us with this busy summer.

Local businesses have also graciously donated prizes and coupons, as well.  It cannot be said often enough, but thank you.

Judith Winecoff,
youth services librarian, Watauga County Public Library