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Originally published: 2013-04-15 20:10:07
Last modified: 2013-04-15 20:10:06

Bills not about gun rights

I am a gun owner and support our Second Amendment rights. However. I feel our state legislators are going to far. HB-17 starts out great. I agree that only law enforcement should or need to know names and addresses of carry permit holders.

With the next amendment to the bill, they legalize permit holders to carry guns into restaurants, even those that serve alcohol. That's almost every restaurant in the High Country. I don't want to take my wife and family to a fine restaurant where alcohol and guns are mixed. Do you?

Now, follow that with SB-342 allowing permit holders in any establishment that serves alcohol. Guns and booze don't mix. SB-342 also allows permit holders to carry their weapons on all recreational properties owned by the county or city. Does this mean that you can carry a weapon to a pee-wee soccer game, Pop Warner football, little league baseball game, your favorite picnic ground with your family or maybe a high school football or basketball game. 

How many times have you seen confrontations between parents and officials or coaches over bad calls. I have seen plenty. I don't want your or my child's fun time turned into a tragedy.

Then there's SB-20, allowing hunters to use sound suppressors on their weapons. This takes away one of the only ways to catch poachers. Ask any wildlife agent, game warden, park ranger or other law enforcement agent how they pick up on poachers: sound. Ask the folks on Beech Mountain about silent killing of their deer and bear. Ask the people on Grandfather Mountain how they feel about it. 

Ask law enforcement how they feel for their own safety.

I urge you contact your state legislators and tell them to vote no on HB-17, SB-342 and SB-201.These are not gun rights, they are human rights. I belong to the NRA, but they are wrong on these bills and extensive background checks.

Fred Bowman
Banner Elk