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Originally published: 2012-07-02 10:18:52
Last modified: 2012-07-02 10:30:51

A new family

Having been kind of a nomad for most of my life, and not being raised in a certain faith (actually none), I kind of hit and missed going to church or belonging to any kind of faith.  I have always believed in a higher power, but seemed to call on him only in dire situations. Also, being a server all of my life, I usually worked on Sundays.

Moving back to Boone after an absence of six years, I made it a point at my new job to ask for Sundays off. And wonder of wonders, I got it.

Moving into my new apartment three years ago, there happened to be a lady downstairs that I became friends with and she asked me one day if I would like to go to her Sunday school and church.

So I went, knowing there was something lacking in my life. I kept going and realized how much I had missed. Although at first I thought I was too young (68) to be in a Sunday school class with ladies who were (a few) years older than me, I soon learned how wrong I was. They have so much knowledge about the Bible and being a Christian and were more than willing to share it all with me, along with their love and acceptance.

Now, I listen to the sermons with my heart and soul and realize how much my Lord and Savior loves me and has a plan for my life.

I now have a church family that brings me a peace and joy I have never known. I know God had a plan when he allowed me to move back to Boone. He led me to Greenway Baptist and a world I had never known before. You are never too old to really learn the lessons that have enriched my life as never before.

And by the way, I wouldn't have any other Sunday school class for anything.

Jean Rice