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Originally published: 2013-05-09 09:58:25
Last modified: 2013-05-09 09:58:23

Our View: Water, water everywhere?

At the committee's request, Boone town attorney Sam Furgiuele prudently advised the Boone Water Use Committee that a number of proposed bills in the state legislature could potentially impact the town's water intake project or other statewide water and sewer facilities.

He then prudently advised the committee against taking action based on proposed bills.

Laws that mature from proposed legislation can bear little resemblance to their origin -- and this is for the small proportion that make it from proposal to the governor's desk. 

For members of the Boone Water Use Committee, this doesn't mean ignoring the possibility that certain legislation now up for debate could alter growth from extraterritorial jurisdiction or annexation. But because Boone, like most of the High Country, has established a long-term pattern of increased water needs, it does mean assessing those needs as they stand today -- whether they be for Boone, the county or the town of Blowing Rock.  

To bypass this direction risks a double detriment to future growth if legislation is passed which limits powers of ETJ and annexation -- one from the state, and one from our own purposely programmed drain on available water.