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Originally published: 2013-09-04 17:13:50
Last modified: 2013-09-04 17:14:51

Our View: Sales, specials facilitate OCC ministry effort

Lingering Labor Day sales and back-to-school specials highlight the ability to stretch a dollar not only in the High Country, but to make those dollars stretch around the world. 

National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child, the Samaritan's Purse annual ministry that supplies simple shoebox gifts and the message of God's love to millions of children in more than 100 countries, is Nov. 18-25 -- almost three months away. Yet, every wise shopper knows that holiday and seasonal sales offer unique opportunities to build a more full inventory of the simple items those children on the receiving end of OCC will find useful and invaluable.

Back-to-school sales are a prime example. Overseas, stories abound of entire classes sharing one writing instrument. With packs of pencils but pennies apiece the United States, it's easy to outfit a child in South Africa, Ecuador or any of the other 128 countries in which the ministry is active, with enough writing materials for an entire year.

We are proud that the main arm of OCC is in our community. Boone is better for its worldwide efforts -- a point that is important to remember year 'round and not just during the annual push that sees hundreds of volunteers coming into our area.

Shoebox collection is 12 weeks away, but shoebox packing begins now. Visit and click on "what we do" for more information about OCC, including what items are most important to include in your own ministerial efforts.