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Originally published: 2013-01-22 16:08:56
Last modified: 2013-01-22 16:08:56

Our View: Rescues, patience, all part of the job in serving Watauga

Thumbs-up: to firefighters with the Boone Fire Department following the recent rescue of a man unable to extricate himself from a burning home. The man, unable to get out of bed without assistance due possibly to limited mobility, was saved when firefighters Kyle Hassler and Taylor Marsh lifted him and carried him to safety. Of course, Hassler and Marsh were able to do their job because other firefighters were doing their jobs -- in fighting the fire. A well-done not only to Boone, but to all of our firefighters and rescue workers for unsung efforts every day.
Thumbs-down: to system glitches that are proving frustrating to Department of Social Services staff and their clients. N.C. FAST is a new statewide case management system designed to streamline efforts in overall service. The premise is good, DSS officials say, but staff is asking for patience while the headaches and redundancies in the system are eradicated. For all they do, and for problems not of their own making, they deserve the forbearance.
Thumbs-up: to Watauga County Public Library and a host of offerings for children and adults every month, including January. From story time to classes on small businesses and seminars on e-reader, our library system has advanced far beyond a location to check out books.
Thumbs-up: to all the Special Olympics athletes and volunteers who made the games in Blowing Rock a special event for everyone. More than 120 athletes competed during the 35th annual Winter Games -- an event Appalachian Ski Mountain has hosted every year since 1978.