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Originally published: 2012-10-15 12:47:15
Last modified: 2012-10-15 12:47:15

Our View: Recipe for success

Thumbs-up: to Ivory Tower Brewing, Appalachian State University's educational brewing program. In addition to offering one more reason for prospective students to choose ASU -- the university may be the first and only school to manufacture and sell its own brew on campus -- the initiative is an example of forward and timely planning. Microbreweries are now a cottage industry, and with ASU certification, the foundation for those cottages are built here in the High Country. A caveat: All eyes will undoubtedly be on the university's alcohol consumption trends.

Thumbs-up: to myriad forums ongoing to allow state and local candidates a free public voice. Soft on debate by design, the two forums presented to date are beginning to build a picture of who's running for office. Drawbacks to the format are the limited amount of time feasibly offered to each candidate and the inability for two or more candidates to arm wrestle over specific topics. As the election cycle progresses, we expect further definition -- and arm wresting  -- provided by the candidates themselves will help us decide which ballot box to check.

Thumbs-up and thumbs-down: No decision required here -- our region's economy grows, but employment remains flat? Blame it partly on politics. Like the national economy, even businesses poised for growth are practicing cautious hiring until the election decides who will reside in the White House.