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Originally published: 2012-08-13 10:44:23
Last modified: 2012-08-13 10:46:50

Our View: No busses for horseplay

On Wednesday in this space we highlighted the necessity of drivers paying extra attention to the road now that school is back in session ("Drivers be aware: Bustling activity begins"), but children traveling to and from school must also take responsibility for a safe school season.

After several weeks of summer vacation, children are out of the routine of going to school. It is understandable that some school bus rules may not be easily remembered -- and even less easily practiced during the first few days of classes.

But it's important that children are reminded of at least the basics before they strap on backpacks and head off for school.

Getting to the school bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive will keep children from otherwise rushing into traffic. Of course, horseplay isn't welcome at the bus stop -- it's dangerous to fool around near traffic.

Once the bus is at the bus stop, children must stand at least six feet from the curb and in a line, and wait for the door to open and for the driver to give the "OK" before entering. It's important that children never walk behind the bus, or near the bus in a place where the driver cannot see them.

Upon entering, children should remember to use the handrails and be careful of snagging book bags and backpacks on doors, rails and seats.

And most importantly, remember that bus drivers have an important and difficult job.

Transporting our county's most precious cargo twice a day is a serious responsibility, and learning to behave responsibly while near and on the bus should be every child's first lesson.