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Originally published: 2014-05-14 15:01:35
Last modified: 2014-05-14 15:01:35

Our View: New beginnings

Few events in life hold simultaneously both beginnings and endings, but those that do are monumental and significant. College graduation is one.

This weekend, 2,538 graduates and undergraduates have applied for graduation from Appalachian State University's colleges and schools. 

For these men and women, school has come to an end, and the adventure of career, life and family lies before them.

For our community, this weekend marks a time when these students will no longer add to our population, and this is our loss, our ending. 

Assuredly, other students will take their place, and many of today's graduates will be unable to resist the pull of our mountains and return for visits or to live, but that time will be different from today, and the men and women who return will be changed.

This weekend, we also mark the passing of a mantle. Kenneth Peacock presides over his last graduation ceremonies as chancellor as he heads into retirement.

As we do with each student, we wish Peacock the very best on his personal and professional endings and beginnings -- and we thank each for sharing an important period of their lives with our mountain community.