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Originally published: 2014-02-04 16:35:53
Last modified: 2014-02-04 16:36:39

Our View: Moore's career honors continue

It may go without saying that former Appalachian State football coach Jerry Moore's selection for the Southern Conference Hall of Fame is well deserved, as ASU athletic director Charlie Cobb stated so succinctly -- but we're glad somebody said it, just the same.

Another capstone honor, Moore's hall of fame nod speaks to a five-decade career, almost half of which was spent with the ASU gridiron, claiming more than 200 victories -- including a 26-game league winning streak, the second longest in the league's history -- 10 SoCon championships, 18 postseason appearances and three consecutive Football Championship Subdivision national championships. 

As a coach, those nearly quarter-century worth of wins, honors and kudos at ASU came only with the ability to choose, develop and nurture talent and ability. Even today, more than a year after Moore's retirement, does that talent resonate -- as in the names Armanti Edwards and Dexter Coakley, by example -- on and off fields far removed from Appalachian State.

But as for Moore, his home turf, even after retirement, remains in Boone. And amid the induction honors, you may not hear how Gerald Hundley "Jerry" Moore and his wife, Margaret, continue to serve the community they have made their home -- but they do, and for this and all the coach has accomplished in a career given over to ASU, it is clear that we are the ones honored by his life's work. Congratulations, coach.