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Originally published: 2014-04-07 15:58:38
Last modified: 2014-04-07 15:58:38

Our View: Keep it filled

Hundreds of empty bowls were filled with food, fellowship and the spirit of charity during a recent fundraiser for the Hunger and Health Coalition. The challenge now is to see that they stay that way.

"Food insecurity" is the current buzz term for individuals and families who don't have enough to eat, but at the end of the day, that term means what it always means when children, women and men go to bed with empty stomachs: hunger.

There are hungry people living in Watauga County, and many of us know who they are -- even if we don't know their need. Indeed, the U.S. Census says that as many as 26 percent of the people in our county live in poverty. Others have incomes just above the federal poverty guidelines, but too little to meet the most basic of basic needs. Still others, better off, live paycheck to paycheck, but in fear of the unexpected illness or car repair that can sap money earmarked for food and medicines.

That's what makes campaigns such as the annual Empty Bowls Supper at Watauga High School held on March 29 so important. This one event raised more than $10,000 to fuel Hunger & Health Coalition's mission to combat poverty by providing food and medicine to those experiencing times of economic hardship.

These are no easy tasks, but through community, volunteerism and charity, they are attainable targets met day by day, family by family and person by person. 

To all of those individuals, businesses and students who made Empty Bowls a success, we commend you. You are leading the way for all of us to help those who need a helping hand.