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Originally published: 2012-10-01 13:08:16
Last modified: 2012-10-01 13:08:16

Our View: High Country health a matter of community

Applying a Band-Aid to a societal ill doesn't often cure the problem, and that's why the work of High Country United Way is so important. 

In pooling local resources, United Ways across the nation help communities solve concerns at the core. Through a focus on education, income and health, High Country United Way has thrived since 1978 on a partnership that addresses the underlying needs of people in Watauga and Avery counties. 

When you give to the United Way, you become that community partner. You not only help provide basic needs -- shelter, food, emergency services -- but you assist in forming mentoring and nurturing programs for children, you support families in need and you help build a spirit of independence for those people with disabilities or older adults.

It would not be possible for one organization to address the range of services High County United Way can help support through its model of community sharing. But through that support, we can all help create life-changing opportunities one person at a time -- a proven model for creating a community that helps us all.

Having co-chairmen coach Jerry Moore and businessman Tim Baxter at the helm of  2012-13's ambitious campaign brings exciting opportunities to this year's fund drive. With a reach deep into our community, the two leaders will energize a campaign that has set $575,000 as its goal.

In this economy, reaching that goal will require a lot of energy. It will also require us all to make a commitment to improve our community.

At some time during the year you will likely be asked to make that commitment. Give, advocate and volunteer as your means allow -- for the good of us all.