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Originally published: 2013-04-29 11:33:16
Last modified: 2013-04-29 11:33:14

Our View: Faith, trust near empty, but hope still possible

Given the time frame for public notices concerning town ordinance changes, it is unclear how much legal give and take could be given and taken if Boone and Watauga County were to now meet. 

Timing has limited the options available for a compromise between the town's multi-family housing regulations and the county's multimillion dollar response to alter sales tax distribution.

If the intent of Boone Town Council was to stall a meeting until the 11th hour by consistently demanding mediation in closed session, then the town has played its hand perfectly. The 11th hour has arrived and passed, and the clock is now ticking on a $2 million April 30 deadline that will cement the new sales tax distribution.

Yet, it is not too late for the town and county to come together. Indeed, with Boone facing the possibility of serious financial fallout, it is vital that council members and commissioners meet to reach a solution.

Why Boone has chosen now to force this fight is incomprehensible. We understand the need for affordable housing, but there is more than one road to get there. A path that leads to a multimillion dollar loss in tax revenue resulting in decreased town services is not the right direction.

Legal options may now be few, but remove even those and you still have left the basis for compromise. That basis is faith built on trust that both town leaders and county leaders will work together for the greater good of our communities.

Lately, faith and trust have been in short supply. But the impending turn of the calendar dictates that our elected officials work now to resolve their differences.