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Originally published: 2014-04-21 11:48:33
Last modified: 2014-04-21 11:49:18

Our View: Easter resonates

Editor's note: Each year, as we share our message of Easter, we note how little things have changed for millions of people living with no freedom -- here we update the names, but unfortunately, not the circumstances.

Today, many of us in the High Country join Christians throughout the world to welcome Easter during a sunrise or morning service in celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Others share in the spirit of the season, the season of rebirth, through a moment's reflection or perhaps through sharing the gifts of family and community and good works.

Easter is like that -- it reaffirms life, it offers a time of hope and it positions a world of opportunity before each of us.

For some, that opportunity may be limited through no fault of their own. For even in the Easter season, there are those -- like the Egyptian pharaohs of biblical time -- who would capture freedom only for themselves and deny it to others.

Today, millions of people live or have lived in a modern-day biblical Egypt, ruled by dictators and authoritarian regimes, which offer no or limited options to those who are within its borders.

Some of those rulers are familiar: Kim Jong-un of North Korea, Raul Castro of Cuba, Chinese President Xi Jinping or Hassan Rouhani of Iran.

Others are not as quickly recognized, although their seats of power are, as in Ethiopia, Pakistan, Laos or Cameroon.

Yet, the Easter season contains an ancient message of hope to share among all people, and even dictatorships can change, as did Bhutan when it transitioned from absolute to constitutional monarchy.

We in the High Country have the great fortune to reflect upon and share that message in a land where hope reaches the pinnacles of our mountains and beyond.